With PushMeAlert it is possible to decide for yourself when you receive push notifications on your smartphone or tablet and with what content.
It is even possible to send an image within the notification (eg. snapshot security camera).

Sample applications:
Get notified...
• at (web)visitor
• for new webshop order
• if your own server is down
• if certain goal is reached
• ...for every custom implementation (contact us!)

New features are being developed continuously.

How to Use

Download and install the PushMeAlert app on your device and get your user-ID and user-KEY. No personal registration is needed.

With the combination of your user-ID and personal KEY you can use our API* to send personalised push notificatons to your device.

*API use: See implementation examples below.

Fair Use Policy

there is no maximum number of notifications to be sent, but we will apply a fair use policy. If your number of requests has a negative effect on our servers, a maximum can be applied.

User experiences

We are open to your user experiences. Do you have certain wishes or ideas, then we would like to hear about this for general updates in the future.

Custom implementations

We can integrate pushmealert into your existing (web) apps, websites, software, etc. This way you can receive a push notification on your smartphone or tablet in ALL possible situations. We can also ensure that several people within your organization receive these notifications (selectively). Contact us!

Implementation examples

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Contact / support

Contact us!

We answer every message within 12 hours.